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Low Energy


Since 2005, long before legislation concerning Thermal Insulation for Buildings came into effect, Highpoint Developers, has been developing projects that are friendly to the environment as well as providing high levels of energy conservation.

Our customers are enjoying the luxury of a property that provides them with almost 80% reduction in their needs for heating and cooling their premises.
• Excellent thermal insulation on all our properties with the use of super insulative masonry panels (Ecobest Cyprus Ltd) providing savings of up to 80% on heating and cooling requirements. Additionally, the carbon footprint of the panels that we use is much lower than the traditional building materials.

• Thermal insulation for all the flat roofs that we construct with the use of EPS polysterine and Elafrobeton that ensure that the penthouses have additional thermal insulation.

• Use of double glazing windows in all our projects

• Every property that we deliver has its own solar water heater providing year round electricity savings for residents.

• All our construction sites have special recycling barrels that collect all recyclable materials such as metal, aluminium, paper etc.
• All the paints, varnishes and waterproofing materials that we use in our projects are water based without toxic materials